Customer Creation


The company faced a challenge in its “Customer Creation” process. The process involved downloading information from emails containing PDF files that required careful analysis. This manual task was time-consuming and resource-intensive, as each PDF file needed to be thoroughly examined. Additionally, based on the information in the PDF files, a search had to be conducted on public pages and Infolab to check for any alert notifications related to potential clients. Only after this complex verification could the customer be created in the company’s system.


The implemented solution fully automated the “Customer Creation or Update” process. The robot automatically downloaded the information, validated names and documentation in digital format, and conducted searches on public pages and Infolab to detect potential alert notifications. Once this thorough verification was completed, the robot proceeded with the creation of the customer in the company’s Termeb system.


  • Significant increase in productivity, with a 226% efficiency improvement compared to manual processes.
  • Time efficiency, with a 65% reduction in the time required to complete the process.
  • Substantial increase in the capacity to create customers, enabling the handling of a higher volume of clients efficiently.
  • Constant and accurate tracking of verifications and customer creations, enhancing security and regulatory compliance.
  • This automation significantly improved the company’s ability to create and update customers efficiently and accurately, streamlining and securing the verification and compliance process.