Tax Declarations

Issue to

Accountants in Colombia must submit tax declarations for their clients to the DIAN. This process involves entering declaration data on the DIAN’s website, which is a slow and manual process. Additionally, the website’s instability and the need to input each data point individually can lead to typing errors, potentially resulting in fines, reprocessing, or dissatisfaction from the end client.


To address this problem, an automated solution was developed for the declaration insertion process on the DIAN’s website. This solution consists of the following steps:

  1. Accountants enter declaration data in a text file.
  2. The robot accesses the text file and extracts the data.
  3. The robot enters the data into DIAN’s forms.
  4. The robot generates the declaration and payment receipt.
  5. The robot sends the declaration and payment receipt to the accountant.


 The automated solution has enabled:

  • Freeing accountants from manual tasks.
  • Avoiding typing errors.
  • Increasing declaration generation capacity by 300%.
  • Scaling the solution to meet future demand.
  • Ensuring the security of accountant and client data.
  • Allowing accountants to generate +120 declarations daily on the DIAN’s platform.